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“As an artist I perceive a disconnection between the idea of art, in society, and art. I perceive a disconnection between the artist and the so called “non-artist”. I am here to question the meaning of art, and the relationship between beings in society. 

       Art is the projection of illusions into the physical world. It is the study of the world that not only uses logic but gives space for your unconscious to shine. Through art the world of illusion and physical are brought together. Illusions are perceived as real, as concrete, but they are not ‘real’. They are senseless. The artists becomes artists because they intend to show their art by naming it art. But art is within all of us. Everyone is a potential artist. Art is culture. We create culture. Hence, we are art. Even when we do not intend to do art, we are performing different roles, directed by social norms, cultural background. 

         One can not be defined. Our being’s essence can not be rationally understood. If one does so, they will fall into the absurd, the unconditional hypocrisy we live in is not something one can walk away from. Can one say it has been honest if it has lied in the past? Can one say it has been honest if it believes one wont lie in the future? Can one say it has been honest because it is not lying now? The disconnection between ideas and actions will always be present, because one is what it needs to be, what one with its virtue needs to portray at a certain moment in time and space. Quoting Shakespeare, “The world is a stage and all men and women are merely players, performers”.  

       Nevertheless there is a disconnection between the  ‘non-artist’ and the artist. Art education plays a key role here, there are many factor to discuss so I will briefly expose the ones I believe have the greatest impact.  

      To start off, art schools have become ‘machines’ of making artist. How come that one becomes artist after getting a bachelor? How come one only needs three to four years to learn about art? How can a student feel free to experiment if that means an unclear result? Art schools are suffering the capitalisation, because unclear results may translate into a loss of money and time.But, art holds hands with experimentation and if society breaks that relationship we end up with art as a product. The collective idea of producing art just to sell it devalues its importance to the point of turning it into a trading object. 

      In conclusion, I believe it is of great importance to reinvent the role of an artist in society, the role and meaning of art and, most importantly, a call on society to experiment. In order to be aware of the disconnections, one needs to embrace the artist within themselves.Take a moment to observe and appreciate art, in that moment disconnections become visible. In my opinion, one should aim to try, to never give up, to experiment until one feels satisfied and most importantly to accept failure and success. Experimentation brings the unknown, which can be uncomfortable, but one will always find beauty in the darkness as well as light in the dark. We live in a world which seems to be logical, and that could be our most dangerous enemy. Disconnections have to be recognised and embraced. In order for that to happen, we need to look at art and recognise it’s power.” 

Nicole Kuiper. 2020

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