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The Dependent Artist 

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Can an artist be independent? 

What is being an artist?

What is the other side of being an artist? 

What is my position in society?

What is my position as an artist in the art scene?

What is my relationship to money?

What is money?

What am I willing to do to become succesfull?

What does being succesful mean?

Will I sell my soul to the devil?

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Octuber 2022, The Dependent Artist, video installation, projection, 9mx 2.5m, Groningen, NL

The Dependent Artist, is a video installation, which represents the artists ideas about her future. Inspired by our money driven society, the artist has created a collague of scenes where she questions whether or not she will have to sell her soul to the devil, fake smiles and chase the money. 

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