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My Everything and Nothing

My Everything and Nothing is a video collage. A reflection and representation of the artist's experience as a woman in society.

She chooses to re-enact the stereotypical female roles to change the power dynamics by regaining her autonomy as a creator of the narrative, of how she is perceived. Norms and expectations have been curated by the patriarchal system. The lines between the female identity, and its sexual objectification are blurring. The viewer is forced to take position by identifying with the presented roles in the work.

In her surrealist world she breaks the conventional rules for the use of objects, the artist reflects on the common understanding of social norms and ideals – rules that still creep into domestic spheres. Purposely misusing these rules as a strategy to visualise the absurdity.

2021-06-13 (1).png

June 2021, My Everything and Nothing, Photo of the video, Groningen, NL.

Prize winner of 'Minerva Award for Fine Art' 2021

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