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When I started this project I had the word 'Growth' in my mind. I started observing how plants grow, and this inspired me to grow my own plant and photograph it's growth. I then design a choreaography which mimic the movements my plant made.


I tried doing live performaces, and I could feel I was growing as a person, overcoming my fears to perform in public and exploring how the art work changes depending on the location.

But some how, I forgot all reference to the plant and I started claiming the performance was more about my own growth.


I started focusing more in how to film and edit the video of my performance, turning it into a video performance. I wanted to make it as beautifull and stage as possible. I wanted to be in full control on how I was presenting myself to the world.


When I finished, I crashed with reality and I realised I don't really grow so smooth or gently. But the image I was proyecting was stimulating enough to make me forget about reality. 

In conclusion, it was a very stimulating and fun project to do, this was my bridge to exploring perception. 

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